About Atıif Unaldi

Setting up the BBS system enabling the communication of two persons over telephone lines when he was a student at the Physics Department at the Bosphorus University, Atıf Unaldı established the first Internet connection in Turkey. He achieved a “”first of its kind”” type project again in Turkey by making an Internet and information program at Radio D (Radio Club) named “”Farenin Kuyrugu”” (The Tail of the Mouse) between 1992-1994. In 1994, he prepared, presented and produced a nightly live show,””RadyoNet””, appearing five weekdays on Kanal D. This was the first program consisted of live computer pictures from beginning to end. Atıf Unaldı was the General Director of the first Internet server in Turkey, Anadolu.Net, between 1994-1996. Being the supervisor of the World Air Games I in 1996 and 1997, he registered the sportsmen into the games over the Internet and Intranet. In 1998, he also became the Internet supervisor of the Sabah Group, and worked as a consultant in the project to sell Sabah Kitapları (Sabah Books) over the Internet. In the same year, he continued to write at his column (Yeni Ufuklar-New Horizons) in the .Net magazine, which was a publication of the Milliyet Group.
In 1999, he was appointed as the webmaster in Ihlas.Net, and he also designed and administered it. In the very same year, he wrote at a column in an IT magazine, Pcweek of the Sabah Group. In the meantime, founding a web-design company, Artmedya, Unaldı prepared an Internet magazine talk show program for BRT, GeceNet, which he presented with Romina Ozipekci. Later, continuing to write in his column in the magazine, C@nteen of the Aksam Group, Atıf Unaldı gave web-design lectures in the Ceramic Department of the IU. Leaving his position in C@nteen upon the establishment of the Interporbil Group, Unaldı has been a columnist in the economy magazine, EkoTimes. At the moment, Atıf Unaldı is the columnist in the Computerlife magazine. Being the member and the shareholder of the executive board of the Mecramax Webstrategies Inc., Unaldı is also the shareholder and the General Director of MassNet.
Being one of the founders of the group called Sitebuilders supported by Microsoft, Unaldı has been organising conferences, seminars and panels concerning “”Web-design””, “”mobile Internet””, “”e-trade”” and “”advertisement in the Internet”” with the group. The group has been successfully providing the persons and organisations with its free educational studies.

His published articles:

The Structuring of the Internet in the Information Society of Turkey, Yeni Turkiye Dergisi (The New Turkey Magazine), March 1998

Web-design criteria, Yıldız Technical University Publication, 1994

Conferences, Seminars and Professional Activites:

1999 – Informing the sitebuilders and e-trade and web-design seminars in Microsoft headquarters (Istanbul)
1999 – Web-design, e-trade, Media Technologies seminars within
Microsoft (Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Konya, Antalya)
2000 – e-trade seminars within Kosgeb (Ankara)
2000 – e-trade seminars in the Fatih University (Ankara)
2000 – The Bilgi University Internet seminars (Speakers: Microsoft Turkey General Director Sureyya Ciliv, Atıf Unaldı)
2000 – Within the framework of the IT 2000 activities, e-trade and web design seminars (Istanbul)


1992 – The installation of two radio automation systems (Radyo Kulup and Radyo C) (1995)
1994 – The software of two computer programs (Crossword and Puzzle) which were played with the participation of the television audience at Kanal 6 television.
1996 – The Turkish version of a program called Windows Commander
1998 – A computer software enabling the automation of the TV advertisement department

The organisations he is the member of:

WSP (Web Standards Project) A global organisation
Sitebuilders Microsoft
ASP Guilt A world organisation
Isoc (Internet Society) A world organisation

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