I hope that Google Android will hit the market

Nowadays, google is not only mine but also so many  technology columnists’ favorite company. So many phones come for beta testing in everyday to me.  Blackberry, iPhone  and the other companies send their new models. But as we all agreed upon nobody can say that there is a model that is best on the market.

iPhone which seems a big hype in Turkey will be sold by Turkcell and Vodafone. But none of the technology writers can agreed that iPhone is a good selection in Turkey. I also believe Blackberry is not a good choise either.

Being the past GM of Microsoft Turkey, Sureyya Ciliv, the CEO of Turkcell, is still not doing technology business but some marketing tricks in Turkey. Which will lower the brand prestige of Turkcell in the Turkish market.

I hope that google’s android hits the market on that way. It seems very interesting that I still using my w88i Sony Ericsson, in spite of having nokia n61, iphone,blackberry,nokia n82 or an HTC.

If you want to see the google android you can check the upcoming (Google) Android phone by T-Mobile in a rotateable view as well as in an emulator that lets you click through the menus. The emulator is rather incomplete though, so on a lot of screens you’ll be seeing dysfunctional mockups.

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