Localization problems

Global e- work’s the most important approach is “think global, act local.
This view of global work firstly contains using language of country which you are in. From the mythology of babel to this time language becomes a tool that cause people far away from each other. The most significant reason is not only differentiation of the words used; but also variation of several matters from syntax to construction of logic and conception according to geographical position.Chance not only language which they use but also their point of view while providing to behave local. For example some point of views which are funny at a lot of languages begin to seem dreadful and meaningless when translated without changing anything in Turkish and Turkey.

However the expression that is used at eksisozluk (sourdictionary) which is called sewer of internet and the most immoral website of turkey has too sophisticated point of view to translated to another languages. This is the difference of Turkish people’s geographical point of view not attitude of feeling themselves different. So global companies that plan to have operations in Turkey need to make contacts with that geographys’ movers and shakers for learning local behaviour. In Turkey, Microsoft, which shows activity from nearly beginning of the 90’s, go ahead truely and seriously. But this isn’t valid for the other companies.
For example facebook, which draw attention with its Turkish population , put signature to unsuccesful translation in this subject Facebooks’ Turkish is meaningless and far away from being understood. Similar situation is valid for linkedin.com, which try to gain people only with becoming Turkish, and for Xing , which buy cember.net in Turkey. The worst side of this work is translating the language to Turkish automatically with the control of IP. This makes it much more incomprehensible.
Turkish users ,who have difficulty and also can use more than one language, obliged to change the setting of the website english to understand. Global companies which translate their institutional site to Turkish, make the second greatest mistake . In my seminars while giving examples, which brand the participants say , we can see sites contain serious mistakes. The two example in my last seminar were sony and nike and Turkish translation in their web page was incredible and contains an incomprehensive speech contain sentences in Turkish and in English. The last and the most important mistake is the corporations inhibit their web to certain geographies. I Think of that this issue need to be researched by Human Rights Court and United Nations. Because when you service on the internet, you have to accept all internet users as the costumers coming from your door in this situation. If how you can t write ‘no entrance for blacks’ on the door, you can’t also write ‘no entrance for Turks’, you should not. This is exactly racism. While there must be a equilibrium between all surfers in internet , existing of this difference is a very unpleasant and unacceptable injustice.

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