Last album of coldplay can be downloaded from their site. Here is the link!

The free download of Coldplay’s new live album, LeftRightLeftRightLeft, is now available here on Click here to download your free copy.

I am ver happy to see that. Since I was the one that talking th lisense processes not right. Now I see the music sector understand what i mean, but i also hope the movie sector will be understand and do what we are talking about.  It is not about privacy it is about the epensive distribution methods.  Bittorent or other p2p networks are not a thread to coldplay or any artist. They are thread to sony or any other distribution companies that take to much and give only a cd.

By the way i couldnt understand that why coldplay distribute their legal album on bittorent. They are not always a source of privacy, they are a good way to distribute your album. If they use that, they never ever have an crashed server becouse of the heavy web traffic as they mentioned on the download page.

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