My comments about Jason Goldberg’s press meeting

Last week Jason Goldberg (XING Chief Product Officer) was in Turkey.  I have some comments and notes, that I like and  disagree in his speech.

First of all I like to say the points that I don’t agree with Jason.

He told us that internet is in perceptual beta. But it is not in that way I think. Beta is a need to say that you cannot  sue us in any problem even if it is free of charge. But the internet world is changing day by day so as an enterpreneur I think that he have to change his point of view. We are not part of conventional world anymore, and we also dont need to make our speech to this world anymore.

The second interesting thing is the example of facebook country. Most of you must know that if facebook is a country it is the seventh biggest country in the world. I dont like and even care about this explanation. We are trying to break the borders as a netizen. But now i realize that we are not only fight with the conventional but also the enterpreneurs, which want the power of conventional world.

In the new world the description of some words are changing. Power is also have a new description and it is not about quantity, it is about quality of people you are working with. Xing must be happy with this new dscription, becouse if they act like in this description, they will not challenge with facebook anymore.

But Jason also said good things mostly about the production processes… First of all the slogan was very impressive; SHIPIT… If you have an idea just do it and ship it and see if it is working. There is nothing worst about it… Just ship it and try to learn something from the feedbacks. By the way just take feedbacks from anywhere, twitter, facebook  just from anywhere.

Also if you are a web developer; I learn great websites from Jason… Once you launch your website get customer relations from; (People-powered customer service) and which has a slogan “Your customers have great ideas. Are you ready to listen?”. They are great websites, you have to learn…

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