Bloggers Must Disclose Product Ties

In WSJ news, the average grade for online things are 4.3 out of 5 which is very high.. In Turkey not only the bloggers which test or take freebies have a much bigger percentage but also they give much possitive responses which lower their trust in to approximately zero.

Bloggers, Tweeters and online marketers will have to tell consumers when they are paid or given freebies to write positive reviews or postings, federal regulators said Monday.

The Federal Trade Commission released updated guidelines Monday designed to provide clarity for bloggers and other online writers about their responsibility to provide consumer disclosure as well as liability issues they face for making false or deceptive claims about products and services. (Read the FTC guidance here.)

The agency unveiled a draft of the proposed guidelines last year, prompting debate in the blogging community about how much disclosure writers must provide …

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