Turkish premier defends media tax battle (The Wall Street Journal Europe, 05 Oct 2009, Page 3)

Nowadays in Turkey, there are so many restrictions that mostly sourced from the governer. As you may all know, the blocking of youtube is extended to farmville (an application in facebook). Also the media and governers war is takes place so I think there will unfortunately be a big war in Turkish business field….

Hatered seems to be a well known feeling in Turkey nowadays.

Turkish premier defends media tax battle
By Marc Champion
The Wall Street Journal Europe
05 Oct 2009

ISTANBUL—Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan defended his government’s crippling $3.2 billion demand in fines and penalties against the country’s largest media business, comparing the case with the U.S. pursuit of gangster Al Capone on…read more…

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