a great article about the “revolutionary attitudes of goverments”. We need to think of that. Mostly we all say them to be a part of the developments and if they do have new ideas, we talk them to change their attitude since it is our money..


by Erick Schonfeld on October 13, 2009

Does the world really need another URL shortener? Apparently, the U.S. government thinks so. It just launched as a link shortening service for government employees. It shortens links from any .gov, .mil, or site.

For instance, takes you to a page on Nasa’s site with some nice satellite imagery showing the Fall colors in Wisconsin. And is a link to (I think you save two characters n that one). The idea is that if you see one of these short links you know it is coming from a government employee, which doesn’t exactly make it official but is supposed to make it more trustworthy.

When you see a tweet, it will be like getting a messge directly from Uncle Sam, or rather, one of his minions. But I mean, really, can’t they just use like everyone else?

With commercial link shorteners such as and falling by the wayside, maybe the government will start a short URL bailout next. Go.USA.Gov!

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