Comcast Will Expand Streaming On Demand This Year

Comcast On Demand Online will move from trial to reality later this year but not as the TV Everywhere wonderland all the hype might lead subscribers to expect: the streaming on demand will be limited to some cable shows and movies, access will be limited to in-home computers—and, at first, access will be possible only through Comcast’s own ISP, barring anyone who does not pay Comcast for video and broadband. But, as promised, the actual service will be free to cable subscribers; access will be through or the company’s video portal Fancast.

Comcast Chairman and CEO Brian Roberts announced the expansion during the opening talk at the Web 2.0 Summit this afternoon. In an earlier briefing, Comcast execs told AP plans still call for opening access to competing broadband providers and access outside the home and on mobile devices. AP also reports that eventually access will be possible through the websites of participating cable nets like AMC.

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