IPTV Market Leaders Report

IPTV Market Leaders Report

October 2009

Published by MRG, Inc.
Author: Jose Alvear
Research Director: Gary Schultz
October 2009, 89 pages

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This IPTV Market Leader Report (MLR) identifies which IPTV systems and software companies are leading each of the six IPTV market segments: Access, Video Headend (VHE), Video-on-Demand Server Software (VOD), Middleware (MW), Set-top Box (STB), and Content Protection/Digital Rights Management (CP/DRM). Over 100 vendors are identified and tracked for this report. The MLR includes a breakdown of Asian, European, North American (NA), and Rest of the World (ROW) regions, as well as overall global leaders. Market positions are measured by tracking actual numbers of active IPTV subscribers that are using (or being supported by) each company’s products. Subscriber numbers are gathered and broken down by IPTV sector and regional segment, resulting in rankings.

At the core of the data is the number of IPTV subscribers for each Service Provider. A combination of primary and secondary research methods are used to gather data for this report, including official company press releases and briefings with IPTV Operators and vendors. In-depth primary research is conducted by surveying IPTV vendors and verifying their customers and deployments around the world. Additionally, subscriber counts are verified by triangulating data from multiple vendors, using a top-down and bottom-up approach. Although many IPTV vendors are verified as possible on any given IPTV deployment, there are still a small number of IPTV vendors that have not been identified. Once data about each Provider’s subscriber numbers is gathered, it is allocated to its vendors in each product category. The data gathered is then separated into rankings for five of the IPTV product categories, within the four regions and globally.

The one exception is the Video Headend category, where market positions are based on the reported number of IPTV (Broadcast) channels provided (rather than subscribers) using each company’s products. Since a Video Headend may support two thousand or two million subscribers, the number of channels is a much better measure of a company’s market position.

Overall, since these rankings are based on actual live IPTV subscribers, they provide a good measure of each vendor’s current market position and ranking, as well as their future growth prospects.

Growth Prospects

In addition, the growth prospects for each company is rated based on the number of large IPTV service deployments the company is participating in. Included are tables that count each vendor’s significant deployments, both globally and within each region. A significant deployment is one that has been announced and is expected to be one of the world’s top 25 systems by number of IPTV subscribers forecasted for 2013.

This MLR report is part of the IPTV Tracking Service offered by the Multimedia Research Group, Inc.


Executive Summary

This report analyzes which companies have taken leadership positions in each market segment:

  • Access Systems
  • Video Headend Systems (VHE)
  • Video-on-Demand Server Software (VOD)
  • Set-top Boxes (STB)
  • Middleware (MW)
  • Content Protection and Digital Rights Management (CP/DRM)

The market leaders for each of these markets are defined for each of the following regions:

  • Global
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • North America (NA)
  • Rest of the World (ROW)

The ratings in this IPTV Market Leaders Report are based on a database of IPTV Service Providers that we have gathered over the past 7 years. As shown in Table 1-1, there are 805 IPTV Service Providers in this database with 391 of them (49%) in North America. This is up from 681 Service Providers since the Fall 2008 IPTV Market Leader Report (MLR) twelve months ago and 718 in the Spring 2009 MLR just six months ago. Data cleaning is continuously performed to eliminate redundant Service Operators and to correct other information, so the total number of Providers may vary slightly with each report. Nevertheless, the overall growth in the number of new IPTV Service Operators is slowing down, because many Telcos around the world have already started deploying IPTV.

Table 1-1: Count of Service Providers Used for this Report


March 2008
September 2008
March 2009
September 2009









Grand Total


Source: Copyright © 2009 MRG, Inc. <!–

Table 1-2 lists the companies that have Number 1 ratings in each of the six product categories covered in this report and in each of the four regions and globally. The companies in “bold” are new Number 1’s in their categories for this report.

Table 1-2: Companies Ranked Number One Globally – October 2009

IPTV Product Type
Global Rank
Video Headend
Set-top Box

Content Protection /
Digital Right Management


Source: Copyright © 2009 MRG, Inc.


Each of the 24 regional market segments is broken further into the top 10-20 ranked companies per region, giving each vendor excellent insight into its competitive position. Over 100 vendors are included in this analysis.

Global winners to be announed on Tuesday, October 20, 2009.


Table of Contents

1         Executive Summary
1.1       Definitions
1.2       Top 25 Service Providers Globally in 2013
1.3       Companies Ranked Number 1
1.4       IPTV Vendor Trends
1.4.1    Access Systems
1.4.2    Video Headend Systems
1.4.3    Video-on-Demand Server Software
1.4.4    Set-top Boxes
1.4.5    Middleware
1.4.6    Content Protection/Digital Rights Management

2 Access Systems Market Leaders
2.1       Future Growth Prospects
2.2       Global Market
2.3       Asian Market
2.4       European Market
2.5       North American Market
2.6       Rest of the World (ROW) Market

3         Video Headend Systems Market Leaders
3.1       Future Growth Prospects
3.2       Global Market
3.3       Asian Market
3.4       European Market
3.5       North American Market
3.6       Rest of the World (ROW) Market

4         VOD Server Software Market Leaders
4.1       Future Growth Prospects
4.2       Global Market
4.3       Asian Market
4.4       European Market
4.5       North American Market
4.6       Rest of the World (ROW) Market

5         Set-top Box Market Leaders
5.1       Future Growth Prospects
5.2       Global Market
5.3       Asian Market
5.4       European Market
5.5       North American Market
5.6       Rest of the World (ROW) Market

6         Middleware Market Leaders
6.1       Future Growth Prospects
6.2       Global Market
6.3       Asian Market
6.4       European Market
6.5       North American Market
6.6       Rest of the World (ROW) Market

7         Content Protection/Digital Rights Management Market Leaders
7.1       Future Growth Prospects
7.2       Global Market
7.3       Asian Market
7.4       European Market
7.5       North American Market
7.6       Rest of the World (ROW) Market

8         Analysis of Key Companies
8.1         Companies Participating in Multiple Product Segments
8.1.1      Alcatel-Lucent
8.1.2      Cisco Systems
8.1.3      Ericsson/TANDBERG Television
8.1.4      Espial
8.1.5      Harmonic
8.1.6      Huawei
8.1.7      Latens
8.1.8      Microsoft
8.1.9      Motorola
8.1.10    Netgem
8.1.11    Nokia Siemens Networks
8.1.12    PCCW
8.1.13    SeaChange
8.1.14    Thomson
8.1.15    UTStarcom
8.1.16    ZTE

8.2       Access Systems Companies
8.2.1    Calix
8.2.2    ECI Telecom
8.2.3    NEC
8.2.4    Occam
8.2.5    Tellabs
8.2.6    Zhone

8.3       Video Headend Systems
8.3.1    ATEME
8.3.2    Envivio
8.3.3    Optibase

8.4       Video-on-Demand Servers
8.4.1    ARRIS
8.4.2    BitBand
8.4.3    Edgeware

8.5       Set-top Boxes
8.5.1    ADB
8.5.2    Amino
8.5.3    Pace Micro Technology
8.5.4    Sagem
8.5.5    Yuxing

8.6       Middleware
8.6.1    Alticast
8.6.2    Minerva Networks
8.6.3    Orca Interactive

8.7       Content Protection and Digital Rights Management
8.7.1    Irdeto
8.7.2    Nagravision
8.7.3    NDS
8.7.4    SecureMedia
8.7.5    Verimatrix
8.7.6    Viaccess

9       Index of Companies

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