Concerning IPTV Bandwidth

“Nothing is permanent except change.” HERAKLEITOS

It’s important to comprehend what will change in the industry with the coming of IPTV. IPTV is a technology which will affect multiple industries. One of the most important of these industries is the internet technologies and internet service providers. With IPTV video streaming over the internet will be in question, and with it a surge of traffic will occur. This means that internet service providers will have to be able handle higher traffic. According to a study by Oecd, one of the most important signs of development is high speed internet and on the subject of high speed internet penetration in households, IPTV is a milestone. We will see the benefits of this in 4 different subjects.

  1. High speed internet subscribers will increase substantially.
  2. High speeds will be available. 8 MB of internet speed will be increased even higher.
  3. There will be significant improvements in video compression technologies.
  4. Costs will be considerably lowered in video equipment and accessories and video processing devices.

There is a lot of data on the rise of high speed internet usage among the internet users. In 2006, among the 26 million high speed internet users 54% used internet over cable. 46% of them used DSL, and as of 2006 there are 200 million high speed internet users exist. With the improvement of high speed internet connections, a fiber optic infrastructure appeared which had already begun to exist in Turkey. There are serious improvements in wireless area as well. As an IPTV subscriber, the speed you can reach in your household connection has risen up to 8 MB. In VDSL, there is place for up to 1 subscriber, and the speed is around 32 MB, whereas it is possible to reach up to 100 MB while using fiber optic. Among this, a new opportunity rose for mobile operators.

The 3G technology is in question, in which traffic is not taken into account. We assume that 4G and LTE technologies will enter our lives in no time, along with 3G. There also are improvements in video compression technologies. The most widely used of them is H264. With H264, it is possible to compress high quality in a high rate. And it is not the end point by any means. New technologies beyond H264 will come into light. We assume that it will be an overnight task to integrate IPTV to these technologies, because IPTV set-top boxes are able to send and receive information over the internet thanks to their constant connection. With this ability, they will download upgrades on their own and make corrections on them.

On the topic of feedback, I believe it is important to talk about the low rate of feedback in Turkey. As it can be observed in digital platforms lately, feedback is so low that it is not possible to analyze ratings. One of the most prominent reasons for this is, the telephone line is used for feedback, and home users don’t know when and how they will use the telephone line, so they don’t connect it. For a solution, digital platform manufacturers thought of producing a sim card mobile feedback alternative. But because of the increasing set-top box manufacturing cost improvement due to every piece of technology developed and ongoing use of the feedback procedure, this solution is not widely used.

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