How should marketers use IPTV?

I would like to explain in detail what a marketer should do in IPTV from the simplest application to the most complicated part. Marketers should take their time in learning the subject. They should proceed with caution to avoid serious crises caused by misuse of the channel.

IPTV has great benefits in the usage of digital channels, such as the extra channels we see in digital platforms. Especially in most of the interactive channels, we have witnessed the lack of ability in receiving feedback. Going forward, most interactive channels were butchered down, replaced with visuals of aquariums and turned into something else entirely. When this is the case, it is not quite possible to see something interactive, or achieve new technologies. in the days to come, we will see channels which were misused in digital platforms being placed well and used in a productive way in IPTV. One of the most prominent reasons for this is that while a remote control is used in digital platforms, a keyboard is required in the IPTV platform. While thinking of IPTV, rather than visualizing a television set, I foresee seeing the internet in the beauty and taste of the television. This is due to the comfort and easy usage of remote controls which are used in the television side, which reflects to the number of users being higher than those of the internet.

One of the most important subjects here are the quality and quantity issues. Internet has shown us that feedback from activities which attract immense crowds is unsuccessful. Banners are a good example of this. We all complain that there is a very small amount of feedback generated from banners. Despite this, we can’t deny that Google is making a serious profit from AdWords. This is all due to Google’s proper configuration of the system, and us failing to do the same. Google manages advertisement places by their content over the internet. This way, it creates a structure which has information similar to what the content is about. But internet marketers failed to achieve this relationship due to their lack of knowledge about banners and their usage. The most they’ve accomplished was putting news-based advertisements in news websites. From this angle, it is clear to see that they do more harm than good. This is why I think that while using interactive channels, IPTV should not follow in their footsteps. Rather, quality should be heeded to, content must be analyzed and the structuring should be based upon that. Since the structure in interactive channels is easier for professionals in the marketing industry to comprehend, sponsorship system in these channels will be proper and advantageous. For example if the information in an interactive channel is sufficient for you, the advertiser of that channel should be the sponsor for some time. This will benefit in the increase of the content of the channel, and the advertiser will see that it is suitable for their target audience.

The second important point is that IPTV needs an electronic programming guide because of its nature consisting of multiple channels, much like digital platforms. This is also an inviting area for the advertiser.

Advantages in broadcast

One of the most important features of IPTV is the high level of interactivity during broadcast. Not long ago, we have witnessed scripts of interactive shows being written by the public. Such applications will be executable over IPTV. I’m assuming that some channels will only broadcast such television shows. This is also an important factor for advertising firms, since they’ll want their advertisements or product placements in a show which progresses due to the wishes of the audience.

When broadcasting over the internet, product placement is a very important subject. Product placement should not be seen as a physical activity in front of the camera during filming, but as an interactive channel where the product in question is determined by what is more suited to the target audience. For example, if a drink is being consumed in a show, brand A will be shown to the target audience which prefers brand A while brand B will be shown to the target audience which prefers brand B. In this situation, a different point of view is revealed. Up until now the payment was based on the existence of a product, while now it will be based on reaching the target audience. This means a decrease in advertisement budgets from the advertisers’ perspective. However this is no reason for marketing industry professionals to get worried. As budgets decrease, the number of clients looking to advertise will rise and the balance will be procured.

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