How Will Social Networks Change IPTV?

“There is no reason for a television channel consisting entirely of Facebook videos  to not be structured on IPTV.”

Lately, especially the communication industry is involved in tablet computers. Tablet computer is an old technology actually, they are not as new as they are thought to be. It has been three or four years since I purchased my tablet computer. The specifications of the tablet computer I have are a bit better than a standard netbook, but a bit worse than a notebook. We can say tablet computers have been in existence since then. Heating problems in netbooks lessening with central processors and new heatproof processors being released enable tablet computers to enter our lives to a greater degree. This is an important factor which should not be disregarded. On the topic of iPad, when I first starting using the device the most important point that drew my attention was that I had to move between softwares constantly. Because even though it is easy to follow social networks on iPad, from another angle it took a lot of effort to do so.

Differences brought by the Flipboard

We’ve witnessed this situation being brought to an end by the Flipboard application, written by the individual who was one of Netscape’s manufacturers. Managing all social networks in the same structure, you could read your new notifications in social networks as if you were reading a magazine. This way you could access information about people you wanted to keep on with just like flipping through a magazine. This is not only applicable for Twitter, it also includes Facebook and technology websites.

Flipbook actually looks like the beginning of an application. When you come to think of it, instant notifications on social media networks like Twitter are turning into a part of our daily lives. One of the indicators of this is a new watch developed by Fossil. You can receive Twitter updates through the watch. We can say that Twitter will stop even by your bathroom. Obviously, while talking about Twitter and Facebook, we have to deal with the content as well. Even though it is generally believed that Facebook’s content consists of text only, 10% of Facebook’s global content is videos. This is one of the indicators that it is viable to create a television channel by using most of the information from Facebook.

What I want to stress out is that we’re talking about a television channel with many short videos, just like Akıllı TV. However the short videos in this channel don’t originate from one point, they all come from the channels of people posting videos. There is no reason for a television channel consisting entirely of videos on Facebook to not be structured on IPTV. Think of your Twitter notifications sliding down this application like subtitles. At first sight we’re talking about a television channel, but it is a channel which is updated constantly over Facebook and Twitter, content is generated

constantly and every viewer watches different things. So it is not easy to sepearate social networks and IPTV. It’s also important to keep in mind another similar application at this point which stands at the viewpoint of EPG. This application is Tunerfish. What it does basically is if you’re registered at Tunerfish and if you have friends there, it presents the videos you’re watching at the moment and those you’ve watched before. It can be viewed as a human meter made possible by the internet. It enables people to share content with each other, and grants easy access to television series they watch. What I mean is social networks are seriously connected to the television comprehending its social side, and social networks comprehending the infrastructure of the television. IPTV stands at a serious and important point when you look at it from this standpoint.

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