How Will Video On Demand (VOD) Work?

One of the most important issues with video on demand and IPTV projects is the copyright laws. Among local copyright laws, there also are global controls in effect. Since it’s a digital environment; receiving, owning and using visuals in undesired ways is possible. Lately many hosts carried out infrastructure applications on this matter. With these applications, regulations of copyright laws are also being worked on. Conclusively, this is done solely to show that it is technically achievable. I’m assuming that, after the release of IPTV, the regulation of copyright laws about the content on the internet will depend on the economy, rather than technical issues. As of now, the regulations about MP3s are attracting attention. It is now possible to download and play songs for free, because the industry is restructuring after the realization that it can’t stand up to MP3 and there is nothing to gain from laws copyrighting its use. I’m assuming the same will occur for the movie industry. The television and movie industries will see that it is more profitable to simplify the viewing system and tailor advertisements for it than making money over single/multiple viewings of their products. At first there will be subscription systems, and in time these services will be free of charge. Media organizations and copyright law holders will start making money over this added-value services.

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