If It’s The Same Internet We’ve Been Using, Why Didn’t IPTV Exist Until Now?

The only reason preventing IPTV applications from working was a technical infrastructure issue. Communication over the internet works between points. If a data transfer between two points is in question, and you wish to transfer it to a third point, you need to create two packages. To transfer it to a million people, a million packages have to be created. In the broadcasting structure, the signal leaving the antenna can reach many people at once. But over the internet, if you want a package to reach a million people, you have to copy it a million times. The way to accomplish and simplify this process is through what we call a router in the infrastructure. For IPTV applications to work, routers divide a package into a million packages and send them one by one.. This way, the need and burden of the broadcaster to send packages to a million people at once is removed. Only one package is shared between routers.

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