IPTV For Distribution Companies

“Two sides of the medallion”

I talked about the high budgets alloted to the distribution companies harming the structures of the corporations and the production. I also foresaw that it would be one of the most important obstacles in the war against piracy. From this perspective, while IPTV is a strong supporter of the war against piracy, it also poses a serious threat to distribution channels. Because IPTV’s fast-growing and strong structure which delivers a movie between two points quickly removes the need for reproducing CDs and DVDs, sale of those DVDs, keeping them on your shelf and mounting them on your computer after purchase.

It will also cause a structure which enables a huge profit for those production companies which can make a difference. If they discover IPTV in time and convert the firm rights to video on demand, create their own channels and distribution lines over the internet, they can create a structure which can battle piracy and profit from it at the same time. Obviously, the budgets will turn out smaller than the budgets previously alloted. However, they’ll see that their premium will have increased in no time. Of course, distribution companies who see IPTV as an enemy or a threat won’t be able to use the advantages to their benefit and suffer seriously in the long run. With less investment than they make for a single city, they will be able to create a distribution system for Turkish content over the internet which can cover entire Turkey and many places all over the world. I’m sure that most of the distribution companies foresee that these structures will be formed with global constitutions and their being a part of these distribution companies is the proper way.  However, there’s a considerable possibility of firms not waiting for the new structure to be formed and forming their own structures in a short time. Comsidering the conjectura  structure and the location of Turkey, there’s also possiblity of those structures going global in no time. I think that it is right for them to structure their distribution lines over the internet and start working on video on demand.  Seeing the internet as a threat, keeping on working with traditional structures and considering computer technologies as and extension of piracy won’t have a political or technological benefit in any way.

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