IPTV For Production Companies

“Time for awareness”

One of the most important elements of the television industry is the production companies. Production companies are the producers of most of the series and quiz shows that we watch on the television. Very few television products are locally made. This is an indication of production companies being the ones to have most difficulty because of content generation. IPTV’s infrastructure being prone to change is a huge factor in this. A television series that you film today in HD will be rubbish when HD Extra comes out in two days and IPTV switches to this new format in no time. Also, for quiz shows, attendants and feedbacks will gain a new level of importance, so in that area new subjects to be aware of will rise. It is vital to remember that televisions buy the products of production companies. The customers of production companies are the televisions, and their moderators are the viewers and RTÜK. From this angle we can see that production companies have responsibilities everywhere. Under these circumstances, we can say that the production companies experience the most difficulty.

The symbol of power being the end user rather than the capital is another reason for this hardship. Production companies will have to sell their product to channels with fewer budgets but more viewers, whereas they used to be at ease while selling to big channels. There is a clear irony in this.

It is important to know that production companies are one of the most important parts of the system. We assume that they will form their own television channels and create their own brand and brand values.

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