Numbers And Statistics Not To Be Overlooked

“What is the two second deal? What can happen in two seconds?”

While talking about the internet, especially its software aspect, one of the most important matters to pay attention is that the avid followers of the internet technologies, or the “influential” troupe as we call them, have serious issues with time. An internet user observes a web site for 13 seconds before deciding whether they will browse it again. Because of this, time is of utmost importance to an internet user.

What time means to an internet user means the same thing to internet providers, software developers, companies and technologies. One of the best examples for this was the “Flash technology”. You may remember that when this technology first came out, data transfer over the internet was excruciatingly slow. So, it took a long time until a Flash application was available. Back in those days we would implement little applications to keep the users occupied as the visual was being downloaded. Flash technology developed swiftly after that to the point of implementing video clips. The animations we used to create with graphics took a whole new aspect with the option to embed videos directly inside the Flash format.

Now we’re talking about a brand new world. Especially with HTML 5.0, it is becoming a standard, accustomed and natural object in the HTML format. The existence of this object seems to make many things much simpler.

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