The ITV, IPTV Phenomenon

“Contradictory siblings”

As television technologies started to rise over the internet, one of the most important of these  technologies being what we call  “web videos” on YouTube and similar sites, the difference between web television and IPTV became a serious problem. Much to the liking of the Turkish people, this notion is generally seen as a problem easily argued on. However, this was by no means an impassable problem. How it’s organized and the difference between what to call Web TV and what to call IPTV was established in a very short period of time. The notion of Web TV (ITV) could be distinguished by the difference in bandwidth, which in turn would affect the difference in resolution.

However this difference in resolution wasn’t a severe issue. It would eventually be resolved, so another point of distinction had to be found, since web televisions and online broadcasting could also solve this problem in a short while. The research on this subject showed us that the internet television, Web TV, didn’t guarantee broadcast quality to its subscribers. There were no standards of the quality, which was by no means high anyway. A broadcast which you received in a different standard two days ago could be completely different another time. This case was one of the best examples of why IPTV was going to be a special system, and where its origins were tied to. This was what separated Web TV from IPTV. Since the infrastructure of IPTV works as a VPN (Virtual Private Network), it was bound to guarantee a quality standard, unlike Web TV. This quality of broadcast was supplied by the service provider. This is precisely why the IPTV infrastructure has to be overseen.

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