What are the differences?

In the instance stated above, we are face to face with an issue not unlike the classic “Which came first, chicken or egg?” dilemma. Because when explaining the difference between ITV and IPTV, the guaranteed broadcast quality actually arises from the need to master the infrastructure in IPTV’s general structure.

Since IPTV is a system which enables broadcast to be available over the internet in different formats, the service provider has to be in command of the infrastructure. For this reason, IPTV applications are, at least at the beginning, under the complete command of standard internet providers. This difference between internet television and IPTV is, to leave internet television at some point in the eyes of judicial execution and law, and to handle IPTV from a different point. Other properties and differences of IPTV should also be held in regard.

Not long ago, Google announced Google TV and combined internet television and web videos inside IPTV, giving birth to a new television standard named OTT (over the top TV). Naturally, Google didn’t achieve this on its own. Many powerful and influential brands are working together on this project. Standing from this vantage point, even though it is possible to differentiate internet television and IPTV at the moment, over time this distinction will cease. The standards and quality infrastructure of IPTV will cause internet television to improve in quality and in time it will overcome its inability to give a standard guarantee due to the nature of the infrastructure. It might prove to be an inconvenience when the licensers who formed their organization by purchasing the IPTV license and are trying to use the opportunities granted by laws come to realize that those working in internet television have a license with the same opportunities minus double taxation.

“While talking about IPTV, it is imperative to keep in mind the high speed at which internet technologies improve.”

In order for this inconvenience to disappear, it is vital for IPTV to be differentiated from internet television on various different fronts. While talking about IPTV, it is imperative to keep in mind the high speed at which internet technologies improve. With the internet technologies improving at such a speed, the task of differentiating a notion from another is not simple. The points of distinction soon become invalid as the two notions become closer in meaning. Founding an organization over the internet on video broadcast, and the government not differentiating IPTV from internet television while conducting legal procedures and creating a legal regulation on video broadcasting, keep things simple to an extent. On the subject of whether this regulation not being present in Turkey is a disadvantage or not, I don’t believe it is a disadvantage. One of the most prominent reasons for this is the dynamic nature of Turkey in which laws are prone to change in a swift manner. Unfortunately this is quite common in the country. The second reason is that laws and real life, by which I mean everyday life, don’t necessarily coincide. Because of this, the legal differentiation of IPTV and internet television is nothing but a paradox and a problem. In the long run, this seems to pose a disadvantage to IPTV licensees.

Another important difference: Content providers

One of the most important differences between IPTV and internet television is who the content providers are and where they will stand. At this moment, the content providers are the end users, also known as netizens (User Generated Content). However, we assume that this won’t be the case in the long run. Because, the content provided by the user is of a lower standard than those of the recent technical developments. Hence, we assume that local televisions will be active in this matter as intermediary producers.

This is why I have doubts about internet television coming to the forefront and media institutions choosing to broadcast over ITV.  On the other hand, I am hopeful that should the contracts be done in a proper manner, RTÜK and BTK will provide IPTV licensees with opportunities and advantages and IPTV will become a prominent and major notion in Turkey with a firm legal basis. However, in order to see whether this is plausible or not, it is vital to know what the stance of governmental institutions and ventures are in this matter.

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