What Services Will Be Supplied Over IPTV?

“Will Zeki Müren see us, too?”

While talking about the extra services to be established over IPTV, we should focus on the vast advertisement infrastructure. Since the broadcast is done over the internet and is interactive, every television and individual will be able to watch a different advertisement. It means that people watching the same program will see different advertisements. With the interactive broadcast, the forms and means of the usage will be transmitted as information and appropriate advertisements will be transmitted back to the user. Apart from this, immediate sales over the television will be made possible. While watching a program, it will be possible to order the beverage seen on the screen from the nearest supermarket by clicking on it. This way, IPTV applications will provide top notch opportunities in the fields of advertisement and trade. Daily information for users will also be available. A user who gets up at 08:00 and turns on their television will immediately be able to see the traffic and weather forecast needed for them to go to work in Istanbul.

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