Which Compression Formats Will Be Used For IPTV?

When we look at the technical aspect of IPTV applications, visuals being received by streaming technology and certain value-added services implemented on the visuals are in question. In these value-added services, feedback from us is sent to the other side. Thus more than one protocol and technology is involved. The most important among them is the technology which enables the visuals to be received. A certain codec, H264, is to be used in this instance, which is one of the most widely used codecs created by further compression of the DIVX format. Set-top box manufacturers buy the central processing units (CPU) from certain companies. One of them is Da Vinci, a CPU manufactured by Texas Instruments. With this processor, H264 codec formats can be controlled and arranged in a better way. Therefore, the technology involved changes with the kind of set-top box the consumer purchases. The corporation which arranges the set-top boxes and airs the IPTV broadcast decides which protocols to use. But H264 is one of the most widely used, best organized and stable codecs.

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