Bottlenose social-media dashboard launches

Bottlenose Sonar view

Bottlenose today announced the launch of its private beta. Bottlenose, the “smartest social media dashboard,” intelligently sorts streams, finds and visualizes trends, and provides groundbreaking social assistance capabilities that help users engage more effectively, using natural language processing, the startup claims.

Bottlenose first puts all of your streams (Twitter, Facebook, Yammer, others) in one place, providing a unified, holistic view. Then, Bottlenose automatically sorts messages based on type and topic.

The experience is further improved with action-based rules and smart alerts that work on users’ behalf. Bottlenose also enables richer authoring with annotated outbound messages that help users communicate effectively. Bottlenose also allows users to navigate entire streams visually, zooming in and out of conversations and topics effortlessly.

“Right now, ‘more’ is bad on the social web; but ‘more’ should be good. You should feel free to subscribe to more information without being overloaded, and you should be able to follow your interests without working so hard.” said Nova Spivack, co-founder and CEO of Bottlenose.

“Other social media dashboards out there merely replicate the problem — they’re coping mechanisms at best. We’re actually solving the problem by bringing streams together, adding a powerful layer of intelligence and putting groundbreaking social assistance capabilities at your fingertips.”

Bottlenose is purpose-built to combat the growing challenge of social overload and to assist with the needs of social media power users and influencers.

Bottlenose creates a single, unified stream from Twitter and Facebook, as well as other social streams, and soon RSS. It intelligently understands and semantically tags messages using a new natural language processing engine developed specifically for the syntax of social media streams.

Sonar, a radical new way to view social media streams, quickly reads an entire stream and detects what topics are trending so users can drill into what matters most, instantly. Sonar is personalized to users’ interests and helps them discover and keep up with new conversations.

Bottlenose amplifies users’ capabilities with social assistance, getting to know their unique interests and needs. Bottlenose can seek and retrieve information, sending alerts and automating repetitive actions.

Sign up at to try out the smartest social dashboard. Beta access will be granted in waves. Those who meet a high Klout score threshold will have their invites expedited.

Bottlenose will launch into general availability in 2012 and will be adding streams and several new features during the beta period.

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