The Jaguar XJ

The Jaguar XJ: Luxury is Now More Exciting

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The 2012 Jaguar XJ
Even at first glance, you can tell that the Jaguar XJ is a special kind of luxury sedan. It is stately, sleek and well proportioned. The interior also immediately impresses, providing all the opulence you expect from a Jaguar, with supple leather seating and hand-selected wood trim. For an even grander, more spacious experience, Jaguar also offers the longer-wheelbase XJL.

But that’s only half the story. Drive the 2012 XJ, and you’ll discover that luxury can also be tremendously exciting. A 100% aluminum body makes the XJ uncommonly light, and therefore, uncommonly agile. Add the power of a standard 385 HP V8 engine, and you have a flagship sedan that possesses the soul of a sports car. For those with an even greater thirst for performance, there is the 470 HP XJ Supercharged and the 510 HP XJ Supersport. Consider it luxury, untamed.

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