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iPhone Activation Required Error: How To Restore Bricked Device After iOS 7 Beta 6 Expired

Help! My iPhone says activation required but won’t let me restore! How do I fix the activation error that has bricked my iPhone now that iOS 7 Beta 6 has expired?

If you typed those questions into the Google search engine, tonight don’t worry — you’re not alone. It seems tons of iPhone 5, 4S, iPad and iPod users who downloaded iOS 7 beta 6 forgot to update to the public release last month. Now they are discovering that the expiration for iOS 7 beta 6 — October 6, 2013 — has arrived up and now their devices are, for all intents and purposes, completely bricked. What has most panicked however is the on screen “Activation Required” error that is causing restore problems. If you fall into the thousands who are experiencing the same problem, check out a few of the solutions we’ve gathered from around the web and for fixing the iPhone “Activation Required” error, restoring your iPhone after the iOS 7 Beta 6 expired, and installing the current iOS 7.0.2 version.

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How To Fix iOS 7 “Activation Required” error on iPhone and iPad

Solution 1

1) Plug your device into iTunes and restore from a backup.

2) Update to the latest version of iOS 7.02 (Developers can also access the latest build of iOS through the Apple members center).

Solution 2

1) Hold the Power and Home buttons until the phone reboots and you see the Apple logo.

2) Release the Power button but keep holding the Home button Release the Home button when you see the iTunes logo and the connector below it.
3) Do this while connected to iTunes. Click restore. Hopefully you have a recent back-up.

(It is a large update and will take a while plus Apple’s servers are really busy right now)

Help! My iPhone won’t restore! Now What?

Solution 3: What Apple suggests:

This Apple thread on troubleshooting activation issues suggests users:

1) Restart the iPhone

2) Try a different way of reaching the activation server (over wi-fi or connecting to iTunes)

3) Restore iOS software

4) Perform a recovery-mode restore (factory reset)

Solution 4: Keep Trying

1) Some people around the web are saying, if you wait long enough and keep trying to activate, it will eventually go through.

Solution 5: “Find My iPhone” Issues

Some users are saying that they cannot restore their device because they have “Find my iPhone” enabled. If this is your issue, scroll down for help. If you don’t have “Find my iPhone” enabled try the follow steps ( Be Warned however, iDesignTimes is not responsible for any damage that may occur if completed incorrectly or the fix doesn’t work).

a) Copy over your photos using Image Capture/iPhoto/etc.

b) Boot into restore mode: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1808

c) Download the 7.0.2 firmware for my device (google for links).

d) Alt+Click the restore button to specify the firmware file. (Everything on the phone will be deleted.)

e) Restore from iCloud or iTunes “restore backup”

Solution 6: Restoring phone with “Find my iPhone” enabled ( via Graphitas.co.uk)

“If you have Find My iPhone activated, you’ll need to do a recovery-mode restore: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1808

If your iPhone turns on randomly during the download, just let the download finish, and repeat the process of shutting off the phone and holding the home button while you plug the lightning cable in (continue holding until you see the connect to iTunes screen again). You can then install what you’ve downloaded.

If these solutions work for you, please leave a comment below or if you find other solutions to the “activation required” error on iPhones, let us know.

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if your phones got that activation error from the ios7 developers version just dm me that shits SOOOO easy to fix #fuckapple #teamiphone — Brad O’Leary (@TheKidBrad) October 6, 2013

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