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First end-user releases of IBM–Microsoft-compatible versions
Major market-leading releases and releases introducing significant new technology
Date Version Primary developer IBM hardware Notable for introducing
August 1980 86-DOS 0.10 Tim Paterson First Seattle Computer release
August 1981 PC DOS 1.0 Microsoft IBM Personal Computer First IBM release
May 1982 PC DOS 1.1 Microsoft IBM Personal Computer Double-sided disks
March 1983 PC DOS 2.0 Microsoft IBM Personal Computer XT Hard disk drive, directories, device drivers
November 1983 PC DOS 2.1 Microsoft IBM PCjr Half-height disk drives, ROM cartridges
August 1984 PC DOS 3.0 Microsoft IBM Personal Computer/AT Support for larger disks
April 1985 PC DOS 3.1 Microsoft IBM PC Network Local area networking support
March 1986 PC DOS 3.2 Microsoft Token Ring network
IBM PC Convertible
312-inch 720 KB floppy support
April 1987 PC DOS 3.3 IBM IBM Personal System/2 312-inch 1.44 MB floppy support, extended partitions
November 1987 MS-DOS 3.31 Compaq Hard disk partitions over 32 MB
May 1988 DR DOS 3.31 Digital Research ROMable DOS
July 1988 IBM DOS 4.0 IBM DOS Shell, EMS 4.0 usage
April 1990 DR DOS 5.0 Digital Research Memory management (UMA and HMA)
June 1991 MS-DOS 5.0 Microsoft MS-DOS Editor, QBasic, first retail upgrade
September 1991 DR DOS 6.0 Digital Research Disk compression
March 1993 MS-DOS 6.0 Microsoft Disk utilities, DoubleSpace disk compression
June 1993 PC DOS 6.1 IBM First IBM release after split with Microsoft
September 1993 MS-DOS 6.2 Microsoft
February 1994 MS-DOS 6.21 Microsoft Removal of DoubleSpace due to legal injunction
May 1994 MS-DOS 6.22 Microsoft Last Microsoft release
April 1994 PC DOS 6.3 IBM SuperStor disk compression
April 1995 PC DOS 7.0 IBM Memory optimizations, Stacker disk compression, REXX interpreter